First Roots

Update on the Arctostaphylos low energy, low cost, low water usage, rooting system. I am very excited today, I have roots!! So far there are very few problems. I have started an LED full spectrum light, and foliar feeding once a day. They were looking a bit depleted, but the feeding will help. There is no stem rot. I will treat them again with Root Shield in about 1 week. I started them on 1/22/18.

Author: Betsy

I love plants the Earth, growing things, wildlife, and domestic creatures. I have been working with plants since I was a young girl, selling wild flowers from the basket of my bicycle at age 5. I had a wholesale native plant nursery along the front range of the Rocky Mountains for 13 years. I now live in the prairie near Platteville, Colorado. I am working on more Earth friendly ways to grow plants for the ornamental nursery industry and public. Along with my husband Tom we work towards this and the betterment of self and others and and find joy in it. I love to express my self through art and am happy to share about my experiences in life. I have been through some hard things, as we all do. We are very amazing creatures, humans.

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