Aquaponics Update

We continue to experiment with our various aquaponics system configurations.

More squash and other mixed veggies getting ready for the gardens

Currently the water in the system is still too dark from algae to really get a good count of the fish remaining in the aquarium tank, but there are still several large goldfish that come for the daily feeding frenzy.

The main filter and small grow bed

The small grow-bed / main filter is a tub of clay balls into which we have transplanted many radishes, green beans, and peas which were started from seed a few weeks ago.

Another experiment is to attempt to regenerate the cores of several celery and lettuce plants purchased from the grocery store produce section. Rather than composting the remains, we had the idea to see if they would regrow in this system. So far everything looks great!

Strawberries, Cattails, and Carrots

In the larger, but mostly unused main grow tub we have set up a small box of cattails which are supposed to act as an additional filter and help to remove some of the salts from our well water.

Next to that we have a plant tower which we filled with excelsior and planted several strawberry starts from Chelle’s garden along with a few left-over carrots from last year. That system is just a for fun experiment. Everything is looking great so far!

Author: Tom

I handle all things technical for the Sun-Chaser endeavors. Together with Betsy providing the knowledge of all things botanical and the artistic side, we can accomplish many wonderful things.

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