Starting The Straw Bale Garden

We were at a local Starbucks for our usual Thursday jaw flapping session a few weeks ago when Kevin mentioned planning to start his straw bale garden soon. Neither Betsy nor I had heard of such a thing but found ourselves quite interested so we askedĀ  many questions and started browsing around the web to try to learn enough to give it a try for ourselves. Continue reading “Starting The Straw Bale Garden”

Watering Timer from Node-Red

I chose a Beaglebone Black controller for the current Arctostaphylos Cuttings project for two reasons. First, this board has analog inputs for the moisture and temperature sensors available without the need for any additional hardware. Second, I already had one laying on my desk not doing anything at all.

The Beaglebone advertises its native Node-Red interface on the welcome page. I had not used this framework before, but it looked interesting and simple enough. After a few minutes of playing around and getting familiar with how this framework actually works, I started stitching together a few nodes to create a watering system timer for this project.
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First Roots

Update on the Arctostaphylos low energy, low cost, low water usage, rooting system. I am very excited today, I have roots!! So far there are very few problems. I have started an LED full spectrum light, and foliar feeding once a day. They were looking a bit depleted, but the feeding will help. There is no stem rot. I will treat them again with Root Shield in about 1 week. I started them on 1/22/18.

Rooting Arctostaphylos

I am excited about the latest development on rooting Arctostaphylos cuttings in our test system. The plant stems are swelling and starting to callus. That happens before rooting. Hopefully roots will be next! The little 12 volt pump seems to work great on solar. So we’ve gone solar on propagation, yippee! Tom did a great job coding me a clock and moisture sensor in Node Red. It tracks the moisture level and mist timer and gives me seemingly infinite control of how often and how long the runs the mist. What fun! Thank you my amazing husband.